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Why Every Crafter Should Date a Fisherman

Growing up, my dad used to take me fishing. I got so into it that I had my own rod, and we went out and bought a Fisherkid Kit from Canadian Tire (basically a small green tackle box, with some very basic tackle). As I got older, my fishing rod broke, we sold our cottage, and I stopped fishing. My fisherkid kit was emptied, cleaned, and I started using it to store my nailpolish (I still do).

I hadn’t really thought to pay much attention to tackle boxes since…until my boyfriend (who loves loves loves to fish) asked if I could make use of some extra ProLatch StowAway Organizers for my beads.

As I began to examine them (and to smell them…just in case), I had an epiphany: I had missed out on well over a decade of tackle box advancements!!! This wasn’t just some plastic box with a crummy latch….this was a *pro*latch organizer….it was durable, solid, well built, and with adjustable compartments. It was made to slide into another case with other organizers, which meant it was expandable. This was amazing!

I made due with just two for awhile. But I began to envision a future in which all of my beads were neatly stored away in the exact same organizers. I wanted more.

So I put my internet sleuthing skills to use, and discovered fairly rapidly that Plano Molding – the company that fabricates these handy dandy little organizers – is also the company behind Caboodles makeup organizers (remember those?) and, lo and behold, Creative Options: an entire division devoted to fulfilling the organizational needs of crafters. I’m particularly fond of model 2-3650…which, if you’re a crafter, has purple latches.

As you can see above, my latches are burgundy because my organizers are “for fishing”…I also got them for a great deal at the Bass Pro Shop in Vaughn (near Toronto). Seriously: if you have one near you, go. GO NOW, and head immediately to fishing tackle…there, you’ll find yourself in an incredible and wonderful world filled with organizers (and lures, obviously, but you can ignore those). The possibilities for your crafty supplies are just endless.


Archie Comic Beads

For the past week (!), I’ve been very slowly but surely creating another set of Archie beads. Between finding the right images, cutting, découpaging, re-découpaging (and then RE-découpaging), and finally sealing them with acrylic spray (outside on my balcony), all the while waiting for them to dry in between….it’s a process that is easily drawn out.

But I think the end result is totally worth it:

I’ll be using these beauties in some new creations for my Riverdale collection. I can’t wait to start making jewellery more regularly again!