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Lately No. 3

So Boo and I were going about our regular business…

Boo playing guitar

Boo loves the time between when he first wakes up (and Mama nurses him) and breakfast…the sun is shining into the living room and he’s got tons of energy. Most importantly, though, is that Daddy hasn’t left for work yet, which means it’s guitar playing time!

Boo and a stacking cup

My little man loves rolling around on this colourful bedspread…here he is relaxing and drooling with one of his stacking cups.

Boo Boo head to head with Mama

Hanging out with Mama.

Boo pouting in his highchair

Boo has been getting a little picky of late…this face is pretty common during mealtimes.

Then the husband came up with the idea of buying a cottage. It’s not entirely clear if this is a realistic idea, or something we even want to do. But we thought it might be fun to see what’s out there, and what kind of cottage we could expect from both ends of our hypothetical price range.

So all of our careful work on routines and good sleeping habits got chucked out the window, and we found ourselves driving up to the Laurentians repeatedly.

Boo in the car with his phone

Strapped into his carseat and ready for adventure! Boo loves his mobile phone!

Casse Croute Le 200

On our cottage visiting adventures we’ve been exploring the same general area as where my family had a log cabin when I was a kid. For a trip down memory lane we stopped in at Casse Croute Le 200 in Brownsburg (this place was a frequent stop on our way up to the cottage on Friday nights).

Hot dog and fries

Mmm….steamy hot dog and greasy fries.


On our way to scout out a property, we made a turn and suddenly were surrounded by farm fields, bales of hay and the greenest ever grass.
It was just beautiful.

Boo being tickled by Daddy

When we headed out for a whole day of visiting we brought along Boo’s favourite blanket to spread out and play on….here Boo Boo gets tickled by Daddy!

My main take away from the last while is that I had completely forgotten how misleading real estate pictures and descriptions can be. I mean, I know the agents’ goal is to present the property in as favourable a light as possible. But really….we visited a cottage advertised as just 100 feet from the river. What the agent neglected to mention was that it was 100 feet DOWN. Eep!