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Restoring my faith in humanity

So there’s this story that went kind of viral last week about a guy in green on a Toronto bus who wouldn’t move his bag for a woman to sit down. You can learn a little more about here and here if you’re interested.

While discussing this event with my husband he got going on a rant about how awful people have become and that stories like this – and the behaviour he sees on a daily basis – causes him to question his faith in humanity. Sure, it was all a little over-dramatic….but not wrong. It’s not too difficult to find people being jerks and generally being inconsiderate of their fellow human beings. You see it in drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, public transit-takers, at the office, in the news, online, everywhere.

And yet…

Lately I’ve been getting out with Boo a lot, and the two of us have experienced the exact opposite of people being selfish jerks. A few examples:

I took Boo on the metro for the first time, wearing him in my ErgoBaby to avoid the hassle of hauling him up/down the many many stairs in his stroller. On our way downtown the metro was practically empty, so I had no trouble getting a seat. On the way home though…..not so much. Immediately upon seeing me and my little man walk onto the train, though, a young woman gave up the last available seat and left it for us.

At the very (VERY) packed and busy closing sale at the Chapters bookstore on Ste-Catherine’s there was about a 1 1/2 hour wait to pay for purchases. After waiting about 10 or so minutes I finally made my way upstairs where staff saw me with Boo in the ErgoBaby and immediately asked if they could help carry my books and ushered me to a priority line for pregnant women and parents with young children. Five minutes later I was on my way home.

During the beautiful weather last week I took Boo down to the canal in his stroller. As we paused at the picnic area to look at the fish jumping in the water, I suddenly heard a young man calling “Madame! Madame!” He wanted me to know that he’d been smoking a joint and that he’d put it out and stop if I planned to stick around with the baby.

….which all leads me to believe there’s still some hope for us….at least so long as we’ve got a cute baby on hand.