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Boo Boo’s Halloween Costume

Halloween has come and gone. And though Boo Boo doesn’t eat candy – at all – I still somehow ate too many Halloween goodies…cause, you know. I couldn’t let them go to waste.

Because he doesn’t partake in candy or really care about dressing up, I was originally going to skip the fuss, and make it easy on myself. Until I remembered Boo is in daycare now. Of course he needed to get dressed up, because all of the other kids would be dressing up. And there was no way my little guy was going to be left out.

So I devised a plan for a super simple costume. A duck. Though my guy doesn’t talk yet, he does like to quack, so it seemed the obvious choice. I was going to sew a felt beak and eyes to a hoodie and that’d be that…Until I got carried away and decided that the hoodie needed feathers. Lots of feathers. Like, feathers covering the ENTIRE THING so that it really looked like a duck, and not just a hoodie with a beak. So I ended up cutting out hundreds of felt feathers and stitching each one on individually (I’d originally planned on using fabric glue but my test didn’t turn out).

Duck costume

Duck costume face

In doing so, I found myself in a mad dash to complete Boo’s costume in time. I worked on it every spare second I had, and stayed up late every night. All other chores and activities were ignored (the house became an absolute disaster)….but I managed to finish in time.

Duck face

Boo Boo in his duck costume

But Boo’s costume isn’t really the point of this post (though it turned out awesome).

The point is that I got to craft something. And it felt GREAT.

It made me realize that even though my free time is extremely rare these days, I still need to try and carve out a little time to make. And by “make” I mean to actually produce something tangible – editing pictures or writing a blog post just isn’t enough. I need to work with my hands. I need to use my creative imagination which tunes out all of the random noise and garbage that can creep into my head.

When I’m making something, I have a goal. I feel like I have a purpose (I mean, other than keeping my children alive of course). I think about how I can improve upon my initial idea, and strategize how I’m going to execute it. During the actual “making” I’m focused and calm. And when I finish whatever it is I’m making…I feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Just for me.

And I need a little more of that these days.