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Scrap Paper Notebooks: Check!

Remember my recycled scrap paper to do? Well, I was pretty determined to try it out. So I took my heaps of scrap paper, bought a small paper trimmer (on sale), and tracked down some washi tape….and presto! A few glue mishaps later, and I’ve got myself some brand spanking new recycled scrap paper notebooks!

I started with some old paper bags I had hanging around, and piles and piles of old scrap paper: old one-sided print-outs, as well as miscellaneous odds and ends from old notebooks and pads, like graph paper, sketchbook paper, tracing paper, etc.

The tutorial I followed wasn’t too specific on the type of glue to use (it mentioned a few). I used white LePage glue. I think for future notebooks, however, I might try to get my hands on some actual bookbinders glue, or something like a flexible contact cement.

Regardless, I covered up the spine with wide masking tape first, and then made it prettier with washi tape….to open the book without completely cracking (i.e. breaking) the spine, I’m going to crease the cover and pages as I go.

I’m quite please with how they turned out…I’ll use them for blog, craft and jewellery ideas. Hurrah!


Show & Tell: Norsola Johnson

At that same Marché La Récré where I purchased earrings by Tatsuko, I got another pair of completely different (and completely beautiful) earrings from local Montrealer and metalsmith Norsola Johnson:

I spent quite some time at her booth, looking over the creations she describes as “a collection of daily whims and everyday jewellery”…Being me, I was particularly fond of the everyday pieces, especially the stardust and cosmos collections. These consist of little silver cups (with either an oxidized, polished or satin finish) filled with crystal clear resin containing silver dust. The effect is both beautiful, and somewhat of an optical illusion…because I swear it looks like you can touch the concave surface of the cup…but you can’t (because it’s filled with resin)… here’s a good example from Norsola’s Etsy shop.

In the end, I think because I loved the novelty of being able to touch the concave silver surface (!), I opted for an empty pair with a satin finish. I wear them a lot….like, almost everyday (they go with everything!).


Recycling Scrap Paper: A Crafty “To-Do”

I’m one of those people who’ll hold on to a scrap of paper as long as it has a blank space on it…you never know what little note, doodle, or vital piece of information could fit into it. I’ll write on anything: the back of envelopes, statements, receipts, old post-its, or whatever else I can get my hands onto that I don’t need to keep clean, and that has that beautiful blank real estate.

Admittedly, my love of paper isn’t wholly utilitarian. I’m also drawn to the areas that are filled in….be they the pages of a book, newspaper clippings, comic strips, maps, old letters, certificates, ledger entries, drawings, old photos, ads, illustrations, you name it…I like paper.

For instance, I shudder at the mere thought of these 4-inch squares of paper ephemera collected and sold by gleancreativereuse, including both vintage and contemporary….well, scraps of paper:

So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I tend to hold on to it, and generally end up with my own pile of miscellaneous paper scraps…(unfortunately, they aren’t as beautiful as the ones above…but are generally more useful, because they do tend to have those wonderful blank spaces).

But how to organize them? How to make them even more useful? Well, looking around, I came across these Rescued Paper Notebook by SUKIE (based in Brighton, England) which are effectively notebooks of various sizes assembled out of an assortment of discarded papers.

Each paper includes a usable blank side, and may consist of end of print runs, advertising, envelopes, posters and paper work….from India.

While my paper sources aren’t nearly as exotic, I’m convinced I can create my own rescued paper notebooks out of my growing stash of scrap…but how to bind them? I went on the lookout to see if anyone else had already tackled this problem.

And of course, someone has….on one of my favourite blogs, no less. In September, Design*Sponge posted a DIY project by the BBBcraft sisters for Recycled Scrap Paper Notebooks where they repurposed old faxes and paper scraps, old wrapping paper, books, and other odds and ends…including a tutorial component that covers how to bind ’em all together easily. BINGO!

I’ve got everything I need…though I think I’ll get some colourful or decorative washi tape to make the spines of my recycled notebooks just a little more special. Like these beautiful minty and seafoam tapes from kawaiigoodies:

I can’t wait! I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress!!

…What do you do with your scrap papers? Do you bother to keep scraps around to reuse? Throw them out? Throw them in the recycle bin? Shred them? Or do you use them for other crafty projects?


Show & Tell: The Candy Thief

As already expressed elsewhere, I’m incompetent when it comes to styling my own hair…so I take all the help I can get.

Which is why I was so excited when I stumbled across The Candy Thief’s beautiful assortment of very colourful and unique headbands. I almost swooned, and proceeded to spend far too much time during a recent trip to Niagara Falls perusing her flickr stream showcasing even more amazing headbands, as well as other creations (such as handbags, pillows, and skirts).

Friendly, open to requests, and very quick to respond, artist/designer Casey Dwyer (the woman behind The Candy Thief) was very helpful and willing to photograph and show me a number of headbands not yet for sale in her Etsy Shop, to see if she had something in my favourite colour palette…

And lo and behold…she did! I ordered an Alexa Headband (modeled above) in various shades of blue, green and grey. What I love about this model, is that it’s quite large, and spans most of your head…making it more of a statement piece…it’s made of multiple layers of felt that is both stitched, and hand-printed. The craftsmanship is just beautiful (as is the whole effect). It’s become an instant favourite, and I just love how it immediately dresses up my boring hair! Sweet!


Paper Frames DIY from Design*Sponge

So I’m a few days late coming across this, but I love the idea, and wanted to share (it’s right up my alley, and really complements my recent desire to decorate walls, as expressed here).

What’s best about these paper frames (besides the fact that they’re super cute): you can make them with whatever you’ve got on hand (like paper grocery bags or even newspaper)…which means if you mess up…who cares? Just throw your failed attempt in the recycling bin and try again. Visit Design*Sponge for the full how to.