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Activity Tower

Some time ago I came across the concept of an activity – or learning – tower. Which is effectively a raised and enclosed space that puts your little one at counter level so they can participate in the goings on in the kitchen.

I looked into buying one, but the cost was….expensive. And shipping was even more so. So I started looking into alternatives, and discovered a ton of people who’ve hacked the IKEA Bekväm step stool to create their very own (much more affordable) activity towers. After perusing a few of them, I decided it was totally do-able. Either with my dad or, ahem, for my dad!

I forwarded him an example (this one), and he said he was game!

So during our visit to Kemptville at the beginning of March, I brought along a Bekväm stool, we went to Home Depot to pick up some wood, and my wonderful dad made Boo an activity tower in time to bring it home with us!

Boo in his activity tower 1

Boo in his activity tower 2

It was immediately a HUGE hit. So much so, that I felt its absence when I took it apart and brought it downstairs to paint – which put it out of commission for 2 whole days.

I used an outdoor paint to ensure maximum protection against water – super important as I’ll often station my little man at the second sink with me as I do the dishes, and he’s prone to dumping cupfuls of water onto himself, the tower, and the floor. But that’s ok. As long as he’s having fun and keeping busy, and most importantly not crying and pulling on me to pick him up, I’m a happy mama.

Boo at the counter

So now, instead of struggling to get meals prepared, or do some cleaning in the kitchen, I can station him at the counter with me, and we “work” side-by-side (and by “work” I of course mean he empties the contents of the dish rack back into the sink, or on to the floor…but at least he does so peacefully!).

Boo examining the contents of the dish rack


Lately No. 4

As Boo gets more and more mobile and….smart (?) we’ve been amping up the childproofing in the house. Yes, yes, we should have done it all at once, but that would have been so time consuming. Instead, we took care of the necessary hazards (baby gates, covers for the plugs, cabinet locks), and for the rest we’ve been adjusting and tweaking as we go. It’s a process.

Part of this process involved getting a new stand for all of our TV related paraphernalia (the TV itself is mounted to the wall). And since we didn’t want to sell our first born to pay for a really nice one (we’re quite fond of him), I went to IKEA….where I forgot to take any pictures of Boo sitting in the IKEA shopping cart for the first time (d’oh!). But I did take some snaps before we left:

Closeup of Boo

Boo’s been very into either twisting his tongue or sticking it out these days.

Boo concentrating

He’s also started making this “o” shaped mouth when he’s concentrating.

Boo with his Auntie Jenny

Boo’s Auntie Jenny came to IKEA to provide an extra set of hands. She’s become our “IKEA buddy” :)


Orange toenails

I painted my toenails. In and of itself, not a huge deal…only it was the first time I applied nail polish since before Boo was born. So it actually felt kind of momentous!

Boo looking into an orange bin

I bought some orange bins at IKEA to help contain (hide) Boo’s toys in the living room…here he is peering into one of them, along with a folk art wooden fish he keeps pulling off our wall.

Elmo's Song playing in the car

We’ve continued trekking up to the Laurentians on the weekends. Boo remains a trooper but tends to lose patience by the time we’re headed home. To keep him happy, we play Elmo’s Song…on loop.

Boo and an iPad

Nana and Gramps recently took Boo and I out to dinner. When we got desperate to keep Boo entertained (quiet)…out came Nana’s iPad. Worked like a charm.

Sometimes I worry that letting Boo look at the iPad will rot his brain. But I figure that an “everything in moderation” approach is so much more realistic than a “no screens whatsoever” one….especially for my sanity, and for that of fellow diners when we’re out for a meal.


Decor Dreams: Office

I think it goes without saying that I’ll be spending a lot of time in my home office…between computer use and crafting, it’ll be a very important room. Besides enjoying spending time in it, I want it to inspire me.

I also want to have a space for everything: my computer, my beading supplies, my sewing machine, my scrapbooking stuff, whatever…all in the hopes that if it has a place, I can keep it there and keep it organized….rather than creating a great big mess…(which I am very prone to do).

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Ivar shelving unit from IKEA…I bought two of these way back for my first apartment…they’ve since been painted white, but I’m going to refresh them once more and paint them red.
  2. I love love love chalkboard walls. I’m going to paint a full wall in chalkboard paint, and use it to attempt to organize myself, and for fun.
  3. Behr’s Embellished Blue
  4. I’ve always got tons of little papers, cut outs and ephemera hanging around that I either need, or can’t bear to get rid of just yet…in lieu of, or maybe in addition to, a corkboard, I’d like to hang a series of clipboards on the wall for fast and easy access, without putting holes in anything.

  5. Ikea’s Forsa work lamp for my desk. I’ve already picked this up….because I can’t remember what kind of lighting is in the room (I seem to think it may be wall-mounted rather than ceiling-mounted), I’m not dreaming too much about the main lights.
  6. A table…or a desk….or both. I need two dedicated workspaces so I’m not always having to move everything: one for my computer and one for my crafts. I’ve already got my eye on a vintage desk that’s currently in storage at my in-laws…and until I find something else to serve as my second workspace, I’ll keep my Ikea worktable.
  7. Ron Burns’ Toby…back when I worked at a search engine one of my co-workers had ordered this print for his wife…only to discover that the seller had cropped off the names of the artist and of the piece…I can’t recall if it was due to laziness, or because maybe they were advertisers on our website, but they sent him a new one without requiring the return of the old one….which I got (for free!). I like the bright use of colours.
  8. A quilt…this one is from Anthropologie, but if I can find a handmade one in the right colours, I’d prefer it. Why do I need a quilt in my home office? Because I’ll be setting up a spare bed in there…it’s a single/twin that I just can’t bear to get rid of (it’s just too comfy). I’ll dress it up as a daybed, and use it for reading and naps with my cat!

Is it wrong that I’m *soo* excited about my new office?!