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Lately No. 12

It’s been a busy and hectic few weeks.

We decided to have some work done to the house and surprise, surprise, the contractor had an availability IMMEDIATELY, followed by a many months long wait. So we jumped on the availability and basically turned our lives upside down for the following few weeks as our house became a construction zone. As bad as I felt to do so, we deserted the hubby in the mess, and I ran away to Kemptville with Boo to a) keep him out of the workers’ way, b) keep him out of the workers’ stuff, c) keep him out of the workers’ work, and d) keep him from inhaling any noxious paint or varnish fumes.

Also, because the house was just a disaster with half of it taped off with plastic, and living there with a curious toddler would have been next to impossible.

So Boo and I escaped to my parents’ house in Kemptville, where we probably out-stayed our welcome by at least half a week…I’d say by that last day when Boo sprinkled vinegar all over the kitchen floor, spilled most of the contents of a spice jar, and then unravelled a whole roll of toilet paper…it was time to go!

Boo in the closet under the stairs

Channelling his inner Harry Potter, Boo was a frequent visitor to the closet under the stairs, where he would unload the recycling bin of its contents.

Boo lounges with Nana's iPad

Boo easily found his Nana’s iPad, and effectively claimed it as his own as he brushed up on his alphabet.

Boo and Gramps watch Sesame Street

Sitting on his Gramps’ lap watching Sesame Street.

The forecast for our stay wasn’t particularly wonderful….rain and cool temperatures. The rain mostly held off, though, so we got outside as much as possible to explore and (let’s be honest), get in the way of my dad’s projects:

Boo running from the barn

Boo running on the gravel – he did a LOT of this. I think he liked the crunchy sound it made under his feet.

Boo gets a ride in the trailer with Nana

Going for a ride with Nana in the trailer…

Boo sitting on the John Deere with Gramps

…sitting on Gramps’ knee at the steering wheel….

Boo in the dirt

…and finally getting dirty in the trailer itself.

Eventually, my parents put the little man to work, and got him to help move rocks:

Boo playing with rocks

Boo taking a close look at some individual rocks….

Boo and the rock pile

…and finally throwing rocks into the big pile (amidst much examination, of course).


It was an impromptu and a looong visit, and I’m so so thankful to my parents for providing Boo and I a safe roof over our heads and for being so understanding of a less than ideal situation that kinda dragged on. On the upside, it was Boo’s longest visit with his grandparents, giving them the opportunity to spend some extended quality time together.

So it wasn’t all bad.

And though the renovations are now mostly complete in the house, the re-organization and settling in isn’t. Once we’re all set up I’ll share a little peek into what we had done.


Activity Tower

Some time ago I came across the concept of an activity – or learning – tower. Which is effectively a raised and enclosed space that puts your little one at counter level so they can participate in the goings on in the kitchen.

I looked into buying one, but the cost was….expensive. And shipping was even more so. So I started looking into alternatives, and discovered a ton of people who’ve hacked the IKEA Bekväm step stool to create their very own (much more affordable) activity towers. After perusing a few of them, I decided it was totally do-able. Either with my dad or, ahem, for my dad!

I forwarded him an example (this one), and he said he was game!

So during our visit to Kemptville at the beginning of March, I brought along a Bekväm stool, we went to Home Depot to pick up some wood, and my wonderful dad made Boo an activity tower in time to bring it home with us!

Boo in his activity tower 1

Boo in his activity tower 2

It was immediately a HUGE hit. So much so, that I felt its absence when I took it apart and brought it downstairs to paint – which put it out of commission for 2 whole days.

I used an outdoor paint to ensure maximum protection against water – super important as I’ll often station my little man at the second sink with me as I do the dishes, and he’s prone to dumping cupfuls of water onto himself, the tower, and the floor. But that’s ok. As long as he’s having fun and keeping busy, and most importantly not crying and pulling on me to pick him up, I’m a happy mama.

Boo at the counter

So now, instead of struggling to get meals prepared, or do some cleaning in the kitchen, I can station him at the counter with me, and we “work” side-by-side (and by “work” I of course mean he empties the contents of the dish rack back into the sink, or on to the floor…but at least he does so peacefully!).

Boo examining the contents of the dish rack


Lately No. 11

Last week I told you all about Boo’s first hair cut – but I skipped the part about me getting my hair cut too (my hair was looking as scraggly and dishevelled as Boo):

Mama's new hair

And about Boo’s recent obsession with the vacuum wand – with or without the hose attached and the vacuum sometimes actually turned on – hey…if he’s going to “pretend” to vacuum my kitchen, be might as well “actually” vacuum it:



And his constant requests to wear winter gear – hats, scarves, mittens, his soft-soled boots – inside the house:

Boo wearing a hat and scarf

We also spent some time in Kemptville with my folks. It was our longest visit since I started working part-time back in October. I got to really catch up with my parents, which was so so nice. Boo got to practice going up/down stairs on their new, ultra plush, carpeting (at home we’re in a bungalow, so not much opportunity to work on stair climbing, other than to the very child unfriendly basement). My mom put my sleep training to the test to see if someone other than myself could get the little man to sleep. (Success! he wasn’t particularly happy about it, but she got him to sleep THREE times!)

Boo practicing climbing the stairs

Boo snuggling with Nana

We built Legos.

Lego House

We went to Home Depot to buy a few supplies for a project I “assigned” my Dad – which I’ll show in a future post. While we were there, though, Boo kind of freaked out (is it wrong that I find pictures of my son crying so cute?).

Boo crying in Home Depot

We also entertained visitors!

One evening my aunt, uncle, cousin and his family came over for dinner. Of course Boo was ultra crabby when they arrived and didn’t want to let go of Mama. His cousin O was especially shy and didn’t want to let go of his Nanny (my aunt)….so their early arrival for “play time” didn’t really pan out until, of course, after supper when it was time to leave and THEN they got all happy and friendly:

Boo playing with his cousin O

Boo sprawling out over the Legos

Boo and O looking at each other through the gate

The next day we had my old school friend Ashley and her son J over for a quick catch-up and short play date. Again, Boo was crabby (in his defence, he did have a molar coming through). J, however, was all smiles, and such a cutie! He explored the house and Boo’s toys, he ate the Sesame Street crackers that Boo refuses to put in his mouth (this kid eats like a champ…sigh…Boo could learn a thing or two or three from him), and eventually won Boo over. Phew! This kid really is Mister Adorable.

Ashley and J in my parents' living room

Boo and J play with a toy together

All in all, it was a great visit!


First Haircut!

Boo was born with a significant head of hair. He never lost any of it, so it just grew and grew. Though I tried to trim it a little from time to time…mostly his bangs, and sometimes at the nape of his neck…I kinda liked his hair long, and generally just let it be.

I thought his long hair was cute. A sort of messy surfer look that I loved running my fingers through when we cuddled.

Boo with his long hair

Boo playing with his hair

But ultimately it was constantly in his eyes (I sucked so bad at trimming his bangs that I’d wait far too long between attempts)…and it was starting to look pretty scraggly and dishevelled. So I made the decision to get it cut. Eeep!

On a recent visit to my parents’ my mom and I took Boo to Illusions Hair Design in the Kemptville Mall, where my mom’s hairdresser (Monique) gave Boo his very first cut:

Boo getting his hair brushed

Boo all prepped to get his hair cut

He was an absolute fidget, but a comb and my iPad (with the Peekaboo Sesame Street app) helped to distract him just enough so that he was manageable. His hairdresser only went “Oops” once when he moved abruptly just as the scissors went SNIP!

Boo behaving while having his hair cut

Mama and Boo looking at the hairdresser

The best – and most surprising – part? Apparently at Illusions, a baby’s (or toddler’s) very first haircut is free! When she told me there was no charge I stood there with my mouth hanging open for a few seconds while I processed the information. FREE! Plus, she took a small lock of Boo’s hair and put it in a little pouch for me, along with a cute little poem:

I got my first haircut,
as you can plainly see.
Mom says I look wonderful,
and that she is so proud of me.
I sat so tall and proud,
in that hairdresser’s chair.
And they even gave to Mom,
a small lock of my hair.
She says that she will keep it,
to remind her of this day.
Another milestone I’ve crossed,
in my life along the way.

Back at Nana and Gramps' house with his new haircut

I sure was proud of my little man!


Lately No. 9

So we’ve been taking it easy the last few weeks and kind of lying low.

The holidays were, of course, both hectic and full of family. We visited with in-laws before Christmas, and then spent Christmas proper in Kemptville with my folks. Boo Boo was spoiled rotten on all fronts….thankfully I don’t think he realizes it yet. We’re going to have to be extra careful on that moving forward, though.

To help prevent him being completely overwhelmed with new stuff, I’ve been holding some of it back, and introducing one or two new items as I put some of his old/less played with toys away. Needless to say, that even with that strategy, my house is a total mess. I mean a real disaster area….because in addition to toys and books, Boo is into everything. Drawers, cupboards, closets, baskets….whatever item man has contrived to put and store objects in, Boo has become determined to empty.


Anyway…in light of the fact that it is now mid-January, I will spare you the Christmas re-cap. Here’s what else has been happening lately:

Andrea clearing snow off the cedars

We got a whole pile of snow…a huge wet and heavy snowfall. Our new cedars looked sad and bent….so I went out to shake ’em off.

Boo Boo not enjoying the snow

After that same snowfall, we dressed Boo Boo up in his snowsuit and brought him outside to experience deep snow for the first time. He wasn’t impressed, and generally had a look of alarm the whole time.

Mama and Boo looking at a book

Mama reading a book to Boo

Remember way back when I was hoping and dreaming my little man would take an interest in books? My prayers have been answered….he LOVES them. He particularly loves grabbing his book (or two) du jour and dragging it over, climbing on my lap, and then pointing at it (i.e. “Read lady!”). He’s not so great at listening just yet….I generally have to make up an abridged version of everything before he turns the page (quickly and roughly….we’re sticking to soft and board books for now).

Boo emptying the groceries

You know how I said Boo is into emptying things? Sometimes it proves helpful….here he is helping me unpack his groceries (yes….BABY FOOD….my little man still thinks I’m trying to poison him with table food).

Boo Boo relaxing on the table

…and while Boo doesn’t want to eat table food, he’s desperate to physically get up onto the table at all times. I generally manage to keep him off it at home…but in Kemptville when there’s an adult on each side to keep him from falling off? We’re a little more lax.

Boo looking out the window

Boo under the curtains

The little man has also become obsessed with windows and curtains….he wants to look out the window (smush his face up and down the window….ugh….), bang on the window, peek out the window….and then play in the curtains….running behind them, playing peek-a-boo, crawling under them…hours of entertainment and pure joy without any expensive toys….just my window treatments.

Ice on a branch

You know all that snow above? It melted. All of it. Then it rained….and made going anywhere treacherous.

Boo smiling

Just because he’s a cutie here….if you want a guaranteed smile, just say “ho ho ho” in a deep voice. Works every time.

Boo drinking from a cup

And this happened….actually, we discovered Boo could drink out of a cup by accident, when he picked up the hubby’s forgotten glass glass (eeeeep!) off the coffee table and started drinking out of it on his own….I heard something funny (I heard him putting the glass down between gulps) and came to investigate….and the little man giggled like you wouldn’t believe! Anyway. He’s a bit messy at it, but it’s a definite start!

….and I think that’s probably enough pictures of my son for today. More to come as I try to get my blogging ass back in gear!