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My….beauty regimen?

Very often extremely photogenic bloggers (or their attractive models/friends) share their beauty regimens and favourite products. Depending on the level of detail, I may read, scan, or skip the post entirely. Because let’s face it…though I know my beauty routine could use an overhaul, it’s probably not going to happen as the result of my reading a blog post, or with products I’m either not likely to find locally or whose prices make me choke.

Makeup brushes by Natasia Causse

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Which isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes stop and wonder….what if I had more time to make myself pretty? Wouldn’t it be great to get my eyebrows to look perfect every day? How can I get fresh and glowing skin? And wouldn’t orange lipstick be awesome?

The reality, of course, is that most days I don’t wear makeup anymore. Washing my face is, pretty much, my current beauty regimen (and half the time, I only get to it halfway through the day). Oh, and of course I’ll usually pluck the most offensive of hairs here and there, when I steal a moment to use the washroom (If I’m washing my hands and can see the hair in the mirror…it’s gotta go).

When I do wear makeup, it’s pretty basic: moisturizer, foundation/pressed powder, blush, eyeliner. I don’t do a particularly good job applying any of it. Once when Boo was grabbing at my legs, I think I forgot to line both eyes.

So instead of relying on fantastic products – ever since the jewel cases on my go-to products started breaking ALL THE TIME – I kind of buy whatever is on sale and hope for the best. I mean…there’s always Photoshop, right?