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Lately No. 12

It’s been a busy and hectic few weeks.

We decided to have some work done to the house and surprise, surprise, the contractor had an availability IMMEDIATELY, followed by a many months long wait. So we jumped on the availability and basically turned our lives upside down for the following few weeks as our house became a construction zone. As bad as I felt to do so, we deserted the hubby in the mess, and I ran away to Kemptville with Boo to a) keep him out of the workers’ way, b) keep him out of the workers’ stuff, c) keep him out of the workers’ work, and d) keep him from inhaling any noxious paint or varnish fumes.

Also, because the house was just a disaster with half of it taped off with plastic, and living there with a curious toddler would have been next to impossible.

So Boo and I escaped to my parents’ house in Kemptville, where we probably out-stayed our welcome by at least half a week…I’d say by that last day when Boo sprinkled vinegar all over the kitchen floor, spilled most of the contents of a spice jar, and then unravelled a whole roll of toilet paper…it was time to go!

Boo in the closet under the stairs

Channelling his inner Harry Potter, Boo was a frequent visitor to the closet under the stairs, where he would unload the recycling bin of its contents.

Boo lounges with Nana's iPad

Boo easily found his Nana’s iPad, and effectively claimed it as his own as he brushed up on his alphabet.

Boo and Gramps watch Sesame Street

Sitting on his Gramps’ lap watching Sesame Street.

The forecast for our stay wasn’t particularly wonderful….rain and cool temperatures. The rain mostly held off, though, so we got outside as much as possible to explore and (let’s be honest), get in the way of my dad’s projects:

Boo running from the barn

Boo running on the gravel – he did a LOT of this. I think he liked the crunchy sound it made under his feet.

Boo gets a ride in the trailer with Nana

Going for a ride with Nana in the trailer…

Boo sitting on the John Deere with Gramps

…sitting on Gramps’ knee at the steering wheel….

Boo in the dirt

…and finally getting dirty in the trailer itself.

Eventually, my parents put the little man to work, and got him to help move rocks:

Boo playing with rocks

Boo taking a close look at some individual rocks….

Boo and the rock pile

…and finally throwing rocks into the big pile (amidst much examination, of course).


It was an impromptu and a looong visit, and I’m so so thankful to my parents for providing Boo and I a safe roof over our heads and for being so understanding of a less than ideal situation that kinda dragged on. On the upside, it was Boo’s longest visit with his grandparents, giving them the opportunity to spend some extended quality time together.

So it wasn’t all bad.

And though the renovations are now mostly complete in the house, the re-organization and settling in isn’t. Once we’re all set up I’ll share a little peek into what we had done.


Abby Hill Farms Country Market (or that day Boo fondled a pumpkin)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend my mom and I took Boo Boo to the Abby Hill Farms Country Market to see some pumpkins. I didn’t expect too much of a reaction out of him, but basically wanted to plop the little man down in the midst of piles and piles of pumpkins and see what he would do. I wasn’t disappointed.

Boo Boo feeling his first pumpkin

Boo Boo and a pile of pumpkins

There were pumpkins everywhere….Orange ones, of course, but also white and grey ones.

Scream scarecrow in a pile of pumpkins


…and little pumpkins, pie pumpkins and gourds, gourds, gourds!

Mini pumpkins

Nana, Boo and a pumpkin

Multicoloured gourds

Boo mauling a gourd

In addition to the main attraction (the pumpkins, obviously), there were all sorts of activities for the littles. There was a corn sandbox, bales of hay to climb on, big John Deere tractors to investigate, a mini train to ride, a petting zoo, pony rides and a banjo-playing clown! Though Boo was still a little too little to enjoy most of them (he cried when we put him in the corn!), he did enjoy the clown and petting zoo:

Nana, Boo Boo and the banjo-playing clown

Nana and Boo at the petting zoo

A goat at the petting zoo

In addition to the pumpkins and activities, there was an actual farmer’s market with produce and flowers for sale. We picked up some tomatoes and brussel sprouts, as well as a few gourds for Boo:


Flowers at the market

It was a wonderful and sunny fall day!

Mama, Boo and Nana


Lately No. 6

Things around here have been pretty Boo-focused (aren’t they always?). Boo had his one-year check-up and vaccinations at the family doctor. As usual he screamed bloody murder, but didn’t have any bad reactions.

We also spent a day at the Montreal Children’s Hospital for a whole pile of appointments. It was a long day that started off badly (Mama couldn’t find any parking and swore a lot! In the end I resorted to indoor parking at Alexis Nihon Plaza for SEVENTEEN dollars. Sigh.). But the appointments went well, and we managed to fit in a little walk downtown during our lunch break. The weather was abnormally mild (I think it was over 20 degrees!) and Boo and I were out in our t-shirts. I felt I was somehow neglecting him, though, when I saw other parents bundling up their little ones in heavy jackets and – I kid you not – even a snowsuit. Seeing things like that always makes me second guess myself, but I figure I must be doing something right – the kid’s never had a cold, or an ear infection, or any major illness.*

At home we’ve been playing with new toys, and attempting to get Boo’s teeth on film. I have to assume it’ll only get easier as they come in, but here’s the very first shot I got of his lower teeth:

Boo's first toothy smile

Boo’s (fuzzy) bottom teeth. They’ve already come in a few more millimetres.

Boo on his Jeep

Boo cruising around the house on his Mega Blocks Jeep with Dada.

On Thanksgiving weekend we headed out to Kemptville to visit with my folks and to partake in their annual BIG FAMILY DINNER. When we arrived Boo immediately went to his Nana and enjoyed looking at his farm book with her:

Nana and Boo reading on the floor

Boo enjoying some quality time with Nana.

Thanksgiving Sunday was gorgeous, so we headed outside for some fresh air:

Mama and Boo

Mama and Boo take a selfie!

Riding the Kubota

I tried my hand at my dad’s new Kubota….it definitely took some getting used to. (Oh, and do you like those socks? Geez….)

Boo Boo watching the Kubota

After my so-so attempt on the Kubota my dad got on and showed off. I don’t think Boo was too impressed….but who cares? Look at those eyes!!

….back home, I had a treat I haven’t had in a LONG time:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

An old favourite….peanut butter on top of President’s Choice Decadent chocolate chip cookies. And a glass of milk.

More photos from that beautiful and gorgeous day to come (my mom and I took Boo to see pumpkins!!) and from Thanksgiving. Stay tuned.

* Knock on wood.