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Boo Boo loves Sesame Street (1)

Once upon a time Boo Boo’s favourite Sesame Street character was Elmo. He loved listening to Elmo’s Song so much that he’d cry when it ended. He loved Elmo’s bright red fur and seemed to respond to Elmo’s high-pitched voice. It was cute. Very cute. But truth be told….Elmo is a little annoying.

So when Boo started to lose interest in Elmo, I think we were a little bit relieved. Though his Hug Me Elmo is still a favourite, Boo has recently started leaving him in the cupboard…all alone, sometimes for days at a time (previously Boo would climb in there with him and play for God knows how long). Instead of focusing on his furry red friend, Boo now has a new Sesame Street favourite:

Cookie Monster.

When he’s eating, Boo stops and listens intently to Cookie Monster songs and stories that are playing in the background. If he’s in another room and hears certain favourites begin in the kitchen or living room, he’ll stop what he’s doing, run to where he can hear better, and just stand there….listening. Enjoying. Smiling.

And when we play a Cookie Monster video? He giggles whenever Cookie Monster has a close-up:

(Ermm….please ignore the mess in the background…exactly one week ago it was spotless as I prepared to have guests over for Easter….I’ve since succumbed to Boo Boo’s housekeeping philosophy, which is something along the lines of “spread everything everywhere”)

His favourite so far has been “The Cookie Touch” – an episode in which Cookie Monster is granted a wish that turns everything he touches into a cookie. We don’t even have to watch the video anymore to elicit a reaction – I just have to chase him saying “Me got Cookie Touch, Me got Cookie Touch…” or just “Cookie Touch, Cookie Touch…” and he erupts into smiles and giggles and, if he’s in a position to, tries to run away.

Boo smiling and giggling

I got Boo Boo running and smiling in his crib just by saying “Cookie Touch” over and over, and threatening to touch him with my (Cookie Touch) hands.

It’s so cute. And I love it…..I also love that I can totally get into Cookie Monster in a way that I just couldn’t do with Elmo. So now it’s fun for both of us!


I love Sesame Street (5)

Boo has been having a few really terrible nights. So awful that I’m sometimes spending 4 or 5 hours in his room with him, trying to soothe and comfort him and get him the f**k back to sleep (yeah, yeah….it sounds harsh, but after 4 hours of trying to get someone to go to sleep so YOU can go to sleep? you’ll stop sugar coating too).

Anyway. As far as I can tell, he’s working on some premolars or molars, or something big. It’s a (very small) consolation.

On those days when I’m just so so tired, and completely out of steam by say…..4pm, I’ve been relying on my good ol’ friends on Sesame Street to make it through ’til dinnertime. Sometimes we’ll watch full episodes on Netflix, but more often than not we watch shorter clips on YouTube so I can better tailor them to Boo’s interests (my boy likes songs the most).

Found the following Pentatonix Counts (and Sings) to Five clip recently, and loved it:

Since then, I’ve perused more of Pentatonix’ offerings on Google Play….only to discover that while I’m amazed at the sounds they can make with their voices (love the guy with the low low voice), I’m kind of meh about their actual songs. Is it weird that I was hoping for more a Sesame Street-ish sound?


I love Sesame Street (4) – Updated

After calling Bert a weirdo last time, I thought I ought to give him another chance, and spent some time with Boo listening to the Best of Bert – a compilation of some of the very best Sesame Street songs featuring our unibrowed friend.

My conclusion?

I still think he’s a weirdo. Especially after hearing the song I Want to Hold Your Ear – which is sung by Bert on the album, but was apparently originally (or also?) sung by some puppet named Maurice in a bizarre Mr. Potato Head-type creepy sketch where the object of Maurice’s affections gets her face pulled off piece by piece. Ugh.

That being said, Bert does have a few winners….among them, the National Association of W Lovers. Have a listen:

Gotta love a little word play….especially the line “A fine word like waffle would turn out just awful…”

So what do you think about Bert? Is he a loveable dork? Is he a bore? A creep? Misunderstood? In need of an esthetician to divvy up his eyebrow?

::::: UPDATE :::::

So shortly after posting the above, I fell upon Bert’s song I’m square. Effectively answering my big “what is Bert” question. Square is most definitely the answer.

He’s still weird, though. Who else thinks emptying ashtrays is fun?


I love Sesame Street (3)

Okay, so I’m starting to think I have a thing for the Muppet Alphabet Album – we’re always listening to it (and by we, I mean me because, obviously).

Here’s another great one from it – Bert is such a weirdo:

I think I spend far too much time trying to figure out what the deal is between Bert and Ernie. They’re clearly not brothers. Are they best friends? Roommates? Gay? We know they sleep in the same room (separate beds), and that Ernie will walk into the bathroom when Bert is having a bath (there’s a whole sing-a-long album built around this very event). Hmmm. What’s your take?


Sesame Street (Book) Jackpot

As mentioned before (here and here), I love Sesame Street. I don’t get tired of it (except maybe for the Noodle Story….I could do without hearing that one over and over again).

So I’m more than happy to force allow Boo to listen to their albums, watch the occasional clip on TV or my iPad, or to read him Sesame Street stories. In fact, he’s getting a whole pile of Sesame Street themed birthday presents….it kind of just worked out that way, so we’re going with it (and I now realize I have less than two weeks to craft my low frills, but still a Sesame Street themed, first birthday party decorations and bake either an Elmo or Cookie Monster cake….or maybe both….but I digress).

Last week while visiting my folks my mom and I went to the Shangri-La that is the Kemptville Salvation Army (I’ve mentioned them previously here). While their toy section seemed a little emptier than usual (all you parents…this is where your children’s daycares and schools are getting toys…it’s gotta be related to back to school), I spent some time perusing their several shelves of books and BEHOLD:

Sesame Street Books

…I hit the Sesame Street book jackpot!

Eleven books in all, including 8 from a series of very cool On my way with Sesame Street books that are still a little (okay, a lot) too old for Boo. But at 80¢ apiece I felt justified buying them now and throwing them on a shelf until later. I will most definitely be keeping my eyes open for more in this wonderful little series.

Monster Hall of Fame illustration

Each book is filled with stories, each illustrated in its own style.

Super Grover illustration

All of our favourite (classic) Sesame Street characters are featured.

Parent's Guide

At the beginning of each volume there’s a parents’ guide that elaborates on the theme of the book, and how you can delve deeper with your little one.

And just to prove that I’m not totally obsessed with just Sesame Street, I picked up two other gems:

Mary Had A Little Jam by Bruce Lansky

Mary Had A Little Jam takes classic nursery rhymes and either adds a modern twist, or just turns them on their head. Super cute!
I can’t wait until Boo is old enough to appreciate these.

Old Mother Hubbard by Bruce Lansky

How cute is that?

Caramba by Marie-Louise Gay

By the same author as Stella, this award winning book about a cat that can’t fly was given for free to first grader back in 2005 (by TD).

Detail from Caramba

Love love love the illustrations.

I realize, of course, that I should probably just be buying board books at this point, but I can’t help it. I want Boo to have a wonderful and varied library, which means I have to keep my eyes open now for any and all book-ish treasures that he can enjoy immediately, or eventually.

What books would you recommend as “must haves” for any well-rounded child’s library?