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A beautiful day for a sleigh-ride

…or a sled ride. Whatever.

A few weekends ago the frigid cold temperatures finally let up and there was a soft covering of new snow everywhere. It was the perfect opportunity to FINALLY take Boo out on his new sled!

He was a little skeptical at first, and kind of just sat there…unsure what to do.

Boo Boo sitting in his sled

But once we got off the sidewalk and into the alley behind our street – where nothing was plowed or flattened by traffic – well he started to get into it. He got up onto his knees. He leaned over to look at the snow….

Boo getting more comfortable in his sled

Boo kneeling in his sled

Boo looking at the snow

Then he leaned too far and did a somersault out of the sled. He cried and I laughed (bad mama, I know….at least I wasn’t bad enough to take a picture of it…I helped him up instead).

Boo looking surprised at the snow

He quickly got over it, and got back to looking all around him and marvelling at…well, everything.

Boo looking behind the sled

Boo happy to be in his sled

It was such fun! I can’t wait to go out again!