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What we’re reading in February

I’ve been trying to make a point of reading more, because it feels like this is a part of my life that is seriously lacking at the moment. I miss reading. Like, actually sitting down and reading a whole book. Let me clarify – of reading a whole book meant for adults, as opposed to one geared towards those just as likely to chew on, as read, it. And let me clarify once more – I’m referring to books whose subject matter is something other than how to rear/feed/train/etc. that child who may, or may not, chew on books.

Which isn’t to say that I’m actually getting a lot read these days…but I am putting aside a little time before bed a few nights a week to read anywhere from a few pages to a few chapters. And it feels good. Real good.

The Tao of Martha

This past month I’ve been reading The Tao of Martha – the latest book in what’s become a pretty sizeable series of memoirs by Jen Lancaster (I believe there’s actually another one coming out in May). Effectively, the books follow her day-to-day life beginning when she lost her job in the dot-com bust, and eventually focusing in on “projects” – like getting fit, growing up, or – in this particular book – attempting to live a year inspired by Martha Stewart. Nothing particularly cataclysmic or amazing happens in any of them…but she’s funny. Sometimes laugh out loud funny. And that’s often just what I need.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

What I am guaranteed to read at least once every day (and usually far more often) is Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I know the story by heart now, and can “read” it to Boo wherever he happens to be in his room flipping through the pages. Depending on his speed I’ll sometimes make an adjustment or two to the story, so that I can keep up…usually it’s an abridged version, but there has been the odd time when I’ve elaborated on a page or two. We have the large format version of the board book, so it’s quite amusing to watch as Boo tries to manipulate it…and how he always always always points at all the junk food the caterpillar ate on Saturday!