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Pompano Beach, Florida

Lots of people say that travelling with a little one is never really a vacation, but rather just a trip – you still have all of your regular parenting responsibilities and duties to perform, just in a different place.

I kind of agree…but not entirely.

This was the first time we’ve gone to a sunny destination since becoming parents. Before Boo, we’d spend our sunny travel days exploring the area, repeatedly going to the beach, combing the beach for treasures, relaxing, reading, drinking rum punch (or local beer), and listening to the waves if we happened to be lucky enough to have scored an oceanfront rental.

Palm tree

With Boo, however, it was a very different experience. Much of our time was spent caring for our little man. We had to make sure he was eating, sleeping and safe. We spent far more time in our rental than usual – thank heavens it was large enough (thanks Mom and Dad!) – so we didn’t go stir crazy or trip over one another.

The grounds at the Wyndham Sea Gardens

Fountain on the grounds at the Wyndham Sea Gardens

Some of the grounds at the Wyndham Sea Gardens – our home away from home in Florida.

Because Boo is still refusing to put anything in his mouth, including table food, we generally had to go back to our condo for meals. Just to make things a little more interesting (ahem, difficult), he also decided that every meal had to begin with yogurt, otherwise he just wouldn’t eat anything. EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL.

And since we were already there for lunch, we generally stuck around for naptime, too….which wasn’t all bad since more often than not, Mummy and Daddy napped as well (that hot sun makes you tired…especially when you’re carrying around an extra 20 or so pounds of pregnancy weight).

Boo Boo napping on Mummy

But aside from ensuring Boo had his necessities, this trip was nothing like our regular routine.

Most mornings, while Boo had his initial glass of milk, we watched the sun come up over the ocean. Not routine.

Watching the sun rise

Our view each morning – that blasted building always just blocked the view of the sun rising up from the ocean itself.

Boo on the balcony in the early morning

Still in his PJ’s Boo was happy to wander out onto the balcony in between sips of milk (which happened to be all over his chin in this photo).

After everyone had eaten we all put on our bathing suits, got slathered in sunblock, and headed down to the beach. Our first full day in Pompano Beach just happened to be my birthday and when Boo had his very first experience seeing and being in the ocean. He loved it. He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present. Every day following, we all went swimming (well…me and the hubby took turns swimming vs. holding onto the little man and swooshing him around the water). Not routine.

Boo Boo looking at the ocean for the first time with Daddy

Boo Boo smiling at the ocean

Boo’s first real look at the ocean with Daddy – he was delighted, and never stopped smiling.

Boo experiencing the waves with Daddy

Boo sat with Daddy and giggled each time the waves crashed into them…though he was a little less impressed when they splashed his face, he never lost that smile for long.

Family selfie on Pompano Beach

Afternoons were mostly spent on the Pompano Beach boardwalk where we got ice cream (little man still won’t eat it!), explored the park, and played in the splash pad. Not routine.

The Pompano Beach Boardwalk

Boo Boo exploring pinwheels with Daddy

Adjacent to the boardwalk (right near the ice cream shop) there was a very cool kite and novelty shop – Boo loved running around the place, as its owner tried desperately to get his attention, pulling out all the stops, including a giant bubble-maker.

Boo going down a slide head first

Still preferring to go down on his tummy, Boo made sure to make the rounds of the slides.

Boo splashing in a fountain

Half fountain, half mini splash-pad, Boo had a few impromptu runs through the water, trying desperately to catch it!

Heading home after running through the fountain

The first time we stumbled upon the fountain we weren’t prepared with a change of clothes…no matter – we put on a dry diaper and took the little man home as is! He definitely didn’t mind.

Evenings were probably the most similar to our regular routine…shortly after Boo had his dinner we put the little man to bed, and then passed out ourselves. I suspect, were I not pregnant, there might have been a little more time spent on the balcony drinking wine, rum punch or beer…but that’ll be for another vacation. So….kinda routine.

View from our balcony

The daytime view from our balcony.

We spent an entire week together. All three of us. All day long. Not routine – and such a fantastic deviation from our normal lives when Daddy is stuck at work all day long!

I actually believe this past week in Florida has been an awesome bonding experience between Boo and his Daddy. It was, after all, his Daddy who brought him into the ocean for the first time, and who was much better equipped to play with him in the water. I loved watching the two of them together. And with this time together, I think that Boo has formed a much stronger attachment to his Daddy – so much so, that he’s been crying whenever the hubby leaves the house (much to my husband’s delight, as he believes an upset and distraught little man is far preferable to an indifferent one!).

So was our trip the ultimate experience in relaxation? No. Not with a toddler to run after, keep busy, and care for.

Private beach

Was it a nice break from reality? Absolutely.